portrait july 20 2019

“I have a good idea of what individuals and families are craving in a representative,”


Moose Jaw’s Chey Craik is the epitome of who the People’s Party of Canada seeks to represent; hard-working, everyday Canadians tired of the status quo in Ottawa.

Chey is fully onboard for the new politics the PPC is proposing by running for the party in the electoral district of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan in the next federal election.


Raised on a farm near Moose Jaw, Chey proceeded to spend nearly two decades in the rail industry, ultimately managing crews of more than 300 employees. He has since moved on to become a business owner and contractor.


“I have a passion for people and a burden to help repair our broken system, so politics was the next natural step for me.”


Married for 17 years to wife, Corelie, the couple has two teenage children and continue to make Moose Jaw their home.

Craiks 05-25-19